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Vellum Paper is a high-quality paper designed for laser printers and copiers. Screen Printers use this laser printer output as a positive for burning screens. This is an inexpensive alternative to using a camera and film. Vellum is designed specifically for use with laser printers and copiers. Vellum won't jam or damage your printer like cheaper drafting vellum.


TRIALPACK-VLM        8.5" x 11" Vellum Paper 
LETTER VELLUM        8.5" x 11" Vellum Paper 
LEGAL VELLUM       8.5" x 14" Vellum Paper 

    11" x 17" Vellum Paper 

TABLOID-500 VLM        11" x 17" Vellum Paper
UNIVERSAL-500        13" X 18.5" Vellum Paper